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Hellenic Rentals offers discount car, bike, ATV rental services in Central Greece, Volos, Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos. Book online in 3 easy steps or just call +30 24210 22880.


Terms and conditions Car - Van fleet

1. General Information

• The Terms & Conditions as well as the pricelist are subject to change without notice.
• All prices include VAT.
• VAT for most areas of Greece is 24%.
• All reservations are subject to the terms & conditions of our company.

2. Additional Information

• The vehicle must only be used by the renter or other drivers specified in the rental agreement.
• For minors, the use of a special seat, the fitting and proper use of which is the sole responsibility of parents or legal guardians / escorts of children, is required.
• Hellenicrentals will make every effort to ensure that all information provided is correct when booking.
• For any queries, please consult the local stations before booking.

3. Pricing

Pricing is calculated per day (24-hour period). If the duration of the lease exceeds one day for an additional of at least 2 hours (a total of 26 hours), then it is charged as a whole day.

(a) The price includes:
• Airport fees
• Environmental charges
• Collision - Damage Protection (CDW) with excess ammountaccording to vehicle categories
• Theft Protection (TPW) with excess ammountaccording to vehicle categories
• Third-Party insurance coverage

• Free kilometers (limit from 1-3 days with upper limit: 200 km / day, Charge: 0.25 EUR / km)

• Accident Care

(b) The price does not include:
• After-Hours service
• Delivery &Collection in different locations
• One Way Drop-off at a different station of the company
• Optional add-ons selected by the customer locally in stores
• Cost of transporting the vehicle by ship or other means
• Roadside assistance in case of immobilization of the car due to the drivers fault.

• Administration fee: for congestion charges, parking, fines, refueling, damage, accident, theft or immobilisation of the car.


4. Grace period

The customer is entitled to return the vehicle for up to 1 hour after the agreed return time without any additional charge.

5. Driving license

At the time of pick-up of the vehicle, it is essential to present an original legal driving license. Copies or photos of the license will not be accepted.

For all groups, a minimum of 1 year driving experience is required. For luxury cars & multi-seat vehicles , 2 years of experience is needed.

Driving licenses from countries which are not part of the bilateral relations of Greece and the International Convention on Driving Licenses, or if the driving license is not printed using the Latin alphabet, an international driving license is required.

6. Age of drivers

The minimum age for drivers is set to 25 years old or down to 21 years of age, with an extra charge depending on the category of vehicles.

For the categories:
• A, B: A minimum of 23 or 21 years with YDS surcharge.
• C, D, E, F, G, I: Minimum 25 or 23 years with YDS or 21 with YDP surcharge
• F1, J, K, L, LS: Minimum 25 or 23 years with YDS or 21 with YDP surcharge.

The maximum age for drivers is set to 70 or up to 80 years old with an extra charge depending on the category of vehicles.

For the categories:
• A, B: Maximum 75 or 80 years with SDS surcharge.
• C, D, E, F, G, I: the minimum age is 70 or 75 years with SDS or 80 years SDP surcharge
• F1, J, K, L, LS: The minimum age is 70 or 75 years with SDS or 80 years SDP surcharge.

7. Payment Methods / Guarantees

• Our company accepts all major credit & debit cards for transactions.
• Only valid credit cards are accepted for the charge or blocking of the warranty.
• Cards must be in the drivers name.

Regardless of the duration or category of the vehicle, the rental company has the right to charge the amount of the guarantee to your credit card instead of blocking it, as the pre-authorization has limited duration and coverage before its expiration.

Accepted pre-approval cards: Master, Visa, American Express, Diners Club

Unacceptable pre-approval cards: Prepaid cards, Debit cards, Switch, Laser, Maestro, Electron, UnionPay, virtual cards.

Checks or other securities are not accepted for payment or pre-approval.

In certain cases, debit cards may be accepted for the warranty commitment, but a higher pre-approval fee & a charge of an additional fee (CCF) of minimum 24,80 EUR may be required.

Upon completion of the process, the pre-approval amount will no longer be available for immediate use & the engagement may take up to 14 working days after the return of the car, depending on the bank.

The completion of the unblocking of the guarantee and the response time are entirely borne by the customers bank, which is the final recipient of the order.

Our company will not be responsible for any complications concerning the available balance of the customers account, returned checks or additional bank fees associated with this process.

If a valid credit card is not presented or if there is a lack of sufficient funds available to it at the time of pick-up, the officer has the right to refuse delivery of the vehicle. In these cases, any prepaid funds are not refunded.

If the vehicle category is upgraded to a group of cars with a greater amount of excess than that stated on the booking coupon, the officer is obliged to block the guarantee corresponding to the largest category.

For luxury cars, two credit cards are required as a guarantee.

For lease times exceeding 15 days, the customer is required to come to the station for a second block of the vehicles warranty. Otherwise, the rental company has the right to charge the amount of the first pre-authorization from the customer’s credit card, since the authorization only lasts for a limited time before it expires.

When a third party (eg other Internet renting companies) prepares some kind of insurance coverage or similar service, the coverage is provided by the third party and no obligation is imposed on our company. The driver is still required to present a credit card to the rental station in order for our officer to proceed with the blocking of the predetermined amount of the guarantee.


Credit Card Commissions


UNION-PAY : 1.60%

Non-EU  Cards (With currency exchange): 1.90%

Business / Corporate Cards: 2.50%


8. Fuel Policy

We provide a Fairly Fuel Policy”, that means “Equal to Equal or Same-Same policy, therefor the rental vehicle should be returned at the same level of fuel as it was when it was acquired.

When checking the vehicle upon pick-up, the level of fuel will be noted on the rental contract thereby validating the agreement.

If the vehicle returns with less fuel, the customer will bear the cost of the missing fuel, calculated on the current price list, plus the Refueling Fee (RFF), costing EUR 14.88.

The price per liter may be higher than the price at local gas stations.

If the car returns with more fuel than expected, no refund will be made.

9. Vehicle groups

Our vehicles are grouped in categories for clarity of bookings based on the ACRISS code system. Reservations are confirmed for a group of vehicles & not for a particular brand or model, unless proven otherwise.

In case of non-timely booking for a specific vehicle group, the company does not guarantee the availability of a particular car or fuel type.

Vehicles appearing in any printed or digital representation are only for guidance & can be replaced with an alternative, similar or upgraded vehicle at our discretion.

Vehicles described as alternate or similar are not guaranteed.

10. Vehicle status

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the vehicle has been thoroughly checked before taking it up.

Vehicles must be returned to the agreed station in the same condition as when they picked it up. The customer assumes responsibility for proper care & good maintenance of the vehicle. If this is not done & lost or damaged on the inside or outside of the vehicle, it is considered negligence & invalidates the insurance, excess& any other cover acquired. The customer is responsible for all costs incurred.

While the customer is responsible for the vehicle, he makes sure of maintaining road safety of the vehicle and agrees to take corrective action to avoid any unnecessary burden. This includes maintaining fuel levels, tire pressures, and other common sense actions to maintain the vehicle. These potential personal expenses will be covered solely by the provision of evidence.

Beyond the acceptable normal wear and tear, costs for excessive pollution / internal & external wear will burden the customer.

11. Smoking policy

Hellenicrentals applies a green smoking policy to all vehicles. This prohibits the smoking of the driver or any passenger in the vehicle and otherwise sanctions will be imposed.

To compensate for any damage or burning from smoke or ash caused by smoking, a biological cleaning surcharge (BCS) of EUR 99.20 will be applied and an additional cost of replacing the damage will be charged.

12. Animal Policy

The carriage of animals is not permitted within the vehicle, except where a special cage is used.

In order to compensate for damage caused to the vehicle or pollution due to the transport of animals, a biological cleaning surcharge (BCS) of EUR 99.20 will be applied and an additional cost of replacing the damage will be charged.

13. Insurance Coverage

Third party insurance with excess for damage or theft of the rented vehicle is defined as the coverage limiting the liability of the driver in accordance with the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.

The level of liability is the amount known as the excess amount, which may vary depending on the vehicle type, the payment method & the age of the customer.

Instead of the full cost of the damage, the driver is only responsible for the excess amount. This coverage applies to all authorized drivers of the rented car listed in the contract.

In the event of an accident, the excess amount is paid by the driver even if it is not the customer’s fault and only when our company is compensated for the damage by the insurance company, the amount is refunded.

The charge for any insurance package is calculated in a daily basis. More detail:
(a) Collision – Damage Waiver (CDW)
• Coverage which limits the drivers liability in the event of damage to the rented car according to categories as shown below,
• Maximum compensation amount approximately:
 EUR 1,000,000.00 for death or personal injury to passengers or third parties (excluding the driver).
 EUR 1,000,000 for damage to property or movable assets.

(b) Theft Protection Waiver (TPW)
Coverage which limits the liability of the driver for charges resulting from theft of the rental car and damage caused by theft or attempted theft with an excess amount equivalent to 80% more of that of the CDW for each vehicle group and in accordance with the other terms of the rental agreement .

TPW does not provide coverage for passenger personal items.

For reservations made without CDW, the customer is responsible for the total purchase / replacement cost of the damage of the vehicle. The purchase of CDW at the local station is mandatory for the cars circulation according to Greek Laws.

Its cost is calculated cumulatively and based on vehicle categories:
• A, B: EUR 19,84 extra with excess amount of EUR 806,00
• C, D, E, F, G, I: EUR 29,76 extra with excess amount of EUR 1116,00
• F1, J, K, L, LS: EUR 39,68 extra with excess amount of EUR 1488,00

(c) Extended CDW
The local office can offer you the option to extend the CDW with additional insurance (SCDW) that reduces the excess amount.

Its cost is calculated cumulatively and based on vehicle categories:
• A, B: EUR 9,92 extra with excess amount of EUR 204,00
• C, D, E, F, G, I: EUR 14,88 extra with excess amount of EUR 303,00
• F1, J, K, L, LS: EUR 19,84 extra with excess amount of EUR 403,00

(d) Insurance for exempted parts
You can also extend the (SCDW) to certain special parts that are not normally included, such as tires, undercarriage and glasses with the additional insurance (WUG).

The cost of WUG is calculated cumulatively and based on vehicle categories:
• A, B: EUR 4,96extra with an exemption amount of EUR 105,00
• C, D, E, F, G, I: EUR 7,44 extra with excess amount of EUR 204,00
• F1, J, K, L, LS: EUR 9,92 extra with excess amount of EUR 303,00

14. Exceptions

In certain insurance packages, you may still be responsible for some damage or loss. No insurance covers damage caused by misuse of mechanical parts of vehicles.

The CDW, TPW & SCDW does not provide coverage for the antenna, mirrors, wipers, crystals, tires, wheels, interior, roof &undercarriage of the vehicle.

In addition, Hellenicrentals will not be held responsible for anyone driving under the influence of alcohol , drugs or toxic substances, for driving outside paved road network, or driving without due care.

The vehicle is forbidden to be used in a manner contrary to the provisions of the Greek Legislation and the Greek Road Traffic Code.

It is forbidden to tow other vehicles, to carry heavy objects or luggage, flammable materials or malodorous objects.

Damages cause during sea transport, off-border driving, off-haul, towing, refueling errors, or others caused intentionally or negligently, invalidate any insurance cover and violate the general terms of the lease.

Damage caused by natural disasters is automatically considered negligence as of the driver is obliged to protect and keep the vehicle in a secure parking area. Hellenicrentals reserves the right to require the customer to pay the full cost of the damage caused to the vehicle.

In no case is the driver of the vehicle covered by personal life insurance.

The above list is not exclusive, no insurance coverage is applicable if any of the General Terms of the lease are broken and the customer assumes sole responsibility for any compensation.

Hellenic Rentals always reserves the right to refuse to upgrade insurance coverage on a case-by-case basis, either on the basis of vehicle group categories.

15. Additional Benefits

Additional benefits are optional, have a maximum charge of 10 days and are subject to availability.

Daily rate by unit:
• Baby seat (BBS): 4.96 EUR. Reverse seat for under 12 months of age.
• Child seat (CHS): 4.96 EUR. Seat for ages under 5 years.
• Booster (BOS): 4.96 EUR. Uplifting Seat for ages under 6 years.
• Snow chains (SNC): 4.96 EUR.
• Satellite Navigator (GPS): 9.92 EUR.

Daily rate per driver:
• Additional Driver (ADD): 4,96 EUR.

• For vehicle groups A, B,
minimum age is 23 or 21 years with YDS (9.92 EUR including VAT)
• For vehicle groups C, D, E, F, G, Minimum age is 25 or 23 with YDS (14.88 EUR including VAT)
• For the vehicle groups F1, J, K, L, LS the minimum age is 25 or 23 with YDS (19.84 EUR including VAT)

• For vehicle groups C, D, E, F, G, Minimum age is 25 or 21 with YDS PLUS (22.32 EUR including VAT)
• For the vehicle groups F1, J, K, L, LS the minimum age is 25 or 21 with YDS PLUS (29.76 EUR including VAT)

• For vehicle groups A, B,
Maximum age is 75 or 80 years with SDS (9.92 EUR including VAT)
• For groups of vehicles C, D, E, F, G,

Maximum age is 70 or 75 with SDS (14.88 EUR including VAT)
• For groups of vehicles F1, J, K, L, LS

Maximum age is 70 or 75 with SDS (19.84 EUR including VAT)

• For vehicle groups C, D, E, F, G,

Maximum age is 70 or 80 with SDS PLUS (22.32 EUR including VAT)
• For groups of vehicles F1, J, K, L, LS

Maximum age is 70 or 80 with SDS PLUS (29.76 EUR including VAT)

16. Proper use of additional benefits

The customer will have to return the additional products acquired locally in the same condition as when received. In the event of damage, the customer is charged with the total cost of replacement.

Any fines due to improper use of mobile phones, GPS or other electronic devices are the responsibility of the driver and / or of the additional drivers.

17. Amendments

Modifications to bookings must be requested by the customer in writing, by fax or by e-mail at least 24 hours prior to the vehicle rental. Phone requests are not accepted.

Amendments are not guaranteed & changes will be considered as a new reservation with new terms.

18. Rental extensions

It should be borne in mind that it may not always be possible to extend the lease.

If the local station agrees to extend the rental, it will be charged at the current daily rate which may be different than the original booking rate.

If the customer wishes to extend the rental period of the vehicle, he must notify the local office in writing at least 24 hours prior to the end of the period to obtain written approval. If not the case, both civil and criminal liability will apply for illegal use and possession of the vehicle.

19. Fines, Penalties & Administrative Fees

It is the responsibility of each customer to cover the cost of parking fees, fines and breaches of the Greek Laws, including but not limited to unpaid tolls and congestion charges.

If the fine is concealed or if the infringement is settled by our company, an administration fee (ADF) of € 50.00 will be imposed.

20. Working Hours

Most stations are open from 08:00 to 21:00 except on holidays, when stations may be closed for vehicle pick-ups and returns.

For local opening hours please consolidate, at the time of booking,with the local office or visit our website.

21. After –Hours Service

For delivery or pick-up after working hours, reservations will be charged with the AHF fee:

• 25.00 EUR from 21:00 to 23:59 and from 06:00 to 08:00 .
• 40.00 EUR from 00:00 to 05:59 .

22. Late arrivals

In case the customer, for personal reasons, receives the vehicle late and after the agreed time ofbooking, the terms of the booking or the predetermined date and time of return do not change.

For reservations during office hours and in the absence of writen notice from the customer, the company is bound to wait and maintain the reservation as it is for 2 hours from the specified time of pick-up of the vehicle, after which the reservation and the customer will be classified as a Non-Show.

If the customer arrives on an airplane and the flight is delayed and only if the flight number is provided in the booking, the customer will not be charged an extra charge for After-hours pickup for up to 1 hour from the scheduled closing of the station.
If the flight number is not provided, after the end of the grace period, the availability of the car is not guaranteed, the station can close without warning and the personnel is not obliged to wait after its closure.

Flight diversions and the absence of the customer at the original station will change the status of the reservation to Non show and bookings are not transferable to another station.

Refunds will not be made for late arrivals.

23. Late returns

Vehicles are leased for the predetermined period as detailed in the rental agreement. After the end of the return time and with the end of the grace period, the lease will be delayed automatically.

Charges will apply to the current local daily rental rate with additional charges for any optional benefits such as child seats, additional drivers or damages.

The charge will be automatically applied to the card used for the guarantee at the start of the lease.

24. Cancellations

Cancellations of prepaid reservations within 24 hours prior to the agreed pick-up will not result in a refund.

Where there is no prior notice of cancellation, our company is required to maintain the availability of the vehicle for 24 hours or until the stations closing time, whichever is first.

Hellenicrentals is not required to provide the same vehicle category as the one in the reservation but what is available at the time of pick-up by the customer. This may refer to a different vehicle & the prices may differ from the original booking.

After the grace period, the reservation will be labeled as Non show and a cancellation fee (CNF) of EUR 31.00 will be charged to the clients card.

25. Early Pick-up

When for any reason the customer arrives earlier than the agreed time at the rental station, the early pick-up of the vehicle is not guaranteed.

26. Early Returns

For rentals that expired earlier than planned, irrespective of reason, no refunds (partial or full) will be made.

27. Delivery of cars to different stations

For one-way rentals (OWF) there is a specific fee and price list. Contact your local office for more information. If a one-way rental service is permitted by the rental agency but the fee is not fixed, the cost per kilometer is calculated at 0.56 EUR / km, excluding any other charges such as ferries, tolls, etc.

28. Out of Borders.

Driving across country borders is strictly forbidden.

29. Delivery &Collection Service at remote locations

The DEL / COL of the vehicle at locations remote from the station may be possible with the corresponding charge.

A precondition is that the transfer is completed within the official working hours of the station. For the pricelist or for any details, contact your local station.

30. Unauthorized Drop-off

All vehicles should be returned to the parking area of the local station or to the place mentioned in the rental agreement based on the car return and checking procedure. The return of the car to a location other than that specified in the lease upon receipt of the car or the absence of written permission to leave the vehicle on a public car park, hotel or other space other than the one agreed upon will burden the driver with a Non Authorised Location fee (NAL) and will be surcharged by the cost of kilometer distance from the station (0,56 EUR / km).

The customer will be liable for any fines, damage or other costs incurred.

31. Roadside assistance

Road assistance in case of an accident is included in rental rates. The relevant contact details & procedures are provided to the driver prior to the start of the lease.

Depending on the circumstances, we reserve the right not to provide a replacement vehicle. Moreover roadside assistance may not be available to customers who used a ship for their transfer without written permission from the local office.

There is a possibility under certain conditions and up to the companys discretion, of extending roadside assistance to include the case where a third party is not involved with an additional daily cost of 5.00 euros and a minimum charge of 40.00 euros.

32. Accidents

In the event of an accident or other incident, the driver must immediately inform the Police / Traffic Police and Hellenicrentals as well.

He is obliged to hand over to the rental station, up to 24 hours after the accident, the Police Report and fill in the Accident Report on the time of return, forms necessary for the compensation of our company.

In the event that the driver fails to provide with these forms, the cost of the damage shall be borne by him even if not caused by his fault.

If the vehicle does not remain functional, the company will replace the damaged car with a similar one depending on the availability and distance of the customer from the nearest station. At the same time the local office will charge the loss of use fee and the car replacement fee.

End-of-Loss (LOU): Cost of the lost rental days while the car was out of service. The local daily pricing of the current pricelist will apply.

Replacement fee (RPF): The charge is set at approximately EUR 0.56 / km, excludingany other possible charges (eg towing, ship, toll, etc.) depending on the location of the damaged car.

33. Lost keys

Destruction or loss of vehicle keys is considered negligence&is not covered by the insurance package or the risk reduction package. Drivers will be responsible for all costs related to recovery, loss of use & repair with an extra charge of EUR 31.00 (LKF).

If the vehicle is stolen & the keys are not returned to the rental station, it is automatically suggested that they were placed on the vehicle, the customer is considered negligent & the insurance coverage together with the excess is considered void.

34. Transport by ship

Transportation of vehicles by ferry-boat is permitted only upon prior request of the customer & written approval by Hellenicrentals. Use of a boat without notice is prohibited & is considered negligence that invalidates the insurance.

There is the option to issue an FTR which may be available locally at our offices for EUR 31,00 per direction, ie the total charge for visiting an island is EUR 62,00. Unlimited transfersare made available for € 155,00.

When (FTR) is not selected, but the customer risks using it without prior written approval from the local office, then the driver is fully responsible for any damage, replacement, transport or towage costs.

Also, roadside assistance and replacement car may not be available, especially where Hellenicrentals does not have local offices.

Finally, the customer is fully responsible for the total cost of the damage or other charges caused to the Greek islands.

35. Complaints

Any complaint regarding reservations / rentals will have to be submitted within 30 days from the date of return of the vehicle in written form, by fax or e-mail, to the e-mail address

A complete description of the problem with solid proof is required. Complaints received after this period will not be taken into account.

36. General Data Privacy Regulation Policy (GDPR)

All information on privacy and data protection when using Hellenicrentals is contained in the privacy policy on our website -

37. Official Supervisory Authority

Any claim or dispute over the agreements contracted with our company is resolved in accordance to Greek laws on the basis of the aforementioned conditions and its implementation will be made to the state  judicial services stationed at the city of Volos.

33. Lost Keys

Damage or loss of vehicle keys is considered negligence & is not covered by the insurance package or the risk reduction package. Drivers will be responsible for all costs related to the recovery, loss of use & repair at an additional Lost Key Fee (LKF) of 31,00 EUR .

In case of damage to the locking mechanisms of the vehicle the driver will be charged with the total cost of replacement, repair, and coordination of the locking system.

If the vehicle is stolen and the keys are not returned to the rental station, it is automatically implied that they were placed on the vehicle, the tenant is considered negligent and the insurance coverage along with the exemption is considered invalid.

Terms and conditions Motorbike fleet

1. Ages

Renter and driver must be 21 years old for all groups.

2. Driver`s licence

The renter/driver must have a valid drivers license for at least 12 months. If you come from a non-EU country or from overseas, you need without any exception an INTERNATIONAL SCOOTER / MOTORCYCLE DRIVING LICENSE.

It is the drivers responsibility to ensure that he/ she has the appropriate driving license.

To drive a 50cc scooter you need a scooter / moped or motorbike license (AM or higher). For all scooters / motorcycles over 50 cc without exception, a designated motorcycle license category (A1 or higher) for up to 125 cc, category (A) for more than 125 cc. For QUADs you need a car drivers license (Β, Β1).

3. Rental Period

1 day rental minimum. Specially for one (1) day, the rental period is 09.00 to 21.00 hours.

4. Bike groups

The assignment of models to the different bike groups may vary depending the season and the destination. Reservations can only be confirmed according to the m/bike groups available. The models named are only meant to be examples in size and equipment and stand for similar models within a m/bike group.

5. Rates

The price shown on a reservation is guaranteed only upon its completion.
Otherwise, rental rates are calculated on the date of receipt of the vehicle.
The price list may change at any time.

6. Protective Helmets

Our company has a wide selection of helmets in all types and sizes, free of charge. In addition, we can offer specialized helmets upon request for an extra charge (see price list)


Attention !!

In order to provide you with the best possible service, you must inform us of your size and specificity prior to your arrival.

7. Additional Driver

Additional driver will be charged at € 1, 00 plus vat per day.

8. Delivery / Collection Costs

Delivery/collection service is free for our stations in SKIATHOS-SKOPELOS-ALONISSOS-KALYMNOS-LEFKAS (city offices).

For other destinations, please make a querry.

9. Vehicle Return

We recommend that you return the vehicle during the opening hours of the return station.

The vehicle can be returned outside the opening hours, but must be approved by the return station and may be charged extra.

10. One Way Rentals

One-way rentals and vehicle drop-off at a different location are accepted by our company.

Customer must first have the approval of the station and an extra fee might apply, as the vehicle will have to be returned to the original point.

These charges are always prepaid locally upon vehicle pick-up.

11. Road Assistance Service

Hellenic Rentals offers free roadside assistance in the event of a vehicle failure.

Just call the service number written on the rental agreement and one of our representatives will come with a service team to repair the damage or replace the vehicle.

Hellenic Rentals offers roadside assistance in the event of a vehicle mechanical failure during office hours.

Tire punctures are not included and service is not provided on Sundays.

Roadside assistance covers an area starting from the center of Volos up to 15 kilometers away.

Road service for any other case such as vehicle damage, accidents, tire problems or driver negligence, the extra cost is 40.00 + VAT.

12. Cancellation

No cancellation or amandment fees up to 48 hours before pick-up.

13. Bookings & methods of payment

The driver can pay the car rental by credit card, debit card, prepaid card or cash.


In all cases, however, a credit card (Visa, Euro / Master Card, Amex or Diners) is required, to guarantee the vehicle guarantee or to pay fines / taxes / fees that are not otherwise covered, even if the renter pays differently.

14. Insurances & Excess Amounts


At no extra cost, our insurance agency  provides the driver with coverage for:

  •          Third person death or injury up to € 500,000
  •          Damages to third parties up to € 500,000




At no additional rental cost, the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is designed to cover accidental damage to the vehicle and includes the cost of repairing or replacing the vehicle, towing, storage fees, loss of use and administrative costs, but with specific percentage of driver participation per vehicle category.




At no additional rental cost, Theft Protection Waiver (TP) covers the renter for complete or partial loss of the vehicle, but with a specific driver participation rate per vehicle category.


C.D.W and T.P.W. cover the renter, limiting his liability for damage caused to the following excess amounts calculated on the basis of vehicle categories:


  • M050 / M125: EUR 150.00 excess amount
  • M150 / M200: EUR 250.00 excess amount
  • M300 / Q150 / Q250 / Q300 / Q325 / Q425 / Q450 / Q550: EUR 350.00 excess amount
  • EN250: EUR 250.00 excess amount




The local office may offer you the option of extending the CDW with additional insurance (SCDW) which reduces the excess amount. It is calculated on a daily basis, cumulatively and differentiates according to vehicle categories:


  • M050 / M125: extra EUR 3.50 with excess amount EUR 50.00
  • M150 / M200: EUR 4.50 - EUR 5.50  with excess amount EUR 150.00
  • M300 / Q150 / Q250 / Q300 / Q325 / Q425 / Q450 / Q550: extra EUR 5.50 - EUR 10.00 with excess amount EUR 250.00
  • EN250: extra EUR 6.50 with excess amount EUR 150.00


Please find out about the insurance coverage exemptions from the sections below.

15. Exceptions

No insurance covers

  • Vehicle transfer on board a ship
  • Any mishappening resulting from alcohol or drug abuse
  • Damages caused to the vehicle because of off road driving (excluded off road m/bikes-ATV)
  • For damages to the undercarriage of the vehicle, tires
  • For accidents that take place by a different driver that is not declared on the Rental Agreement.